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Sunday, 26 January 2020

Nick and 28 lb Wolf fish
on Kabalebo River 2012

Nick Davies is a British / Caricom national, was born and raised in West Africa, educated in Europe and lived for many years in the Caribbean before moving to Central America in 2007. His passion and verve for travel has taken him to 66 countries worldwide. After he worked in a consulting capacity with the Surinamese Tourist Department in a Government initiative in 2012 in order to assist the country raise its profile in the Americas, Nick decided to team up with local tourism expert Dinesh Ramlal in order to bring a quality based DMC service to the region. Nick handles marketing, reservations and travel trade relations within the company and has most recently been to the Guianas, in November 2015.

Dinesh Ramlal, was born and raised in his beautiful home country Suriname but his travels have taken him far and wide and his passion for travel has led him to be a fearless explorer in his own country. He started in travel in xxxx and continues to push the boundaries of travel within Suriname and beyond its borders. His role is to facilitate the clients of Suriname Travel Services in country and as they travel throughout the region providing a seamless service and 24 back up for those little things that can go awry because of weather or missed connections. In third world developing countries the outside visitor often has the feel that something may eventually happen and if it does, we will be there to put things back on track.

Because Dinesh and his partner Nick have travelled the world and lived in many places, they understand that a visitors time is valuable and safety, customer experience, punctuality and accurate information are key to success.

Rather like paying your professionals to provide a service in banking, insurance, legal profession or accounting we too will charge for our expertise and service. Typically we are able to keep the rates similar to the rates if you were to book things yourself, sometimes a little more but in return you get our 24 hour a day service and our careful planning and advice services throughout the process.






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